playful torture, revisited…


Went and saw the messager annette exhibit again, and i have to say that, with all of its shock appeal gone, it wasn’t nearly as nice an experience as the last time. Not to say there isn’t a value for art whose initial experience can never be topped, but personally i prefer the following experiences to allow other ways in, with things i hadn’t noticed the first time.
Maybe this happened a bit. There was one room that struck me even further- thats the photo above…


5 thoughts on “playful torture, revisited…

  1. i could see the potential for it not being as good the 2nd time, but i’m still a bit haunted by the 1st experience. Thanks for the youtube links.

  2. hey- I can see the potential for it not being as good the 2nd time, although I’m still haunted by the 1st experinece. Thanks for the youtube links.

  3. both of your comments are very clear! – hey, do you remember these things lowering and then raising up again for the room in the photo of this post? i think we missed that the first one point they all drop down and the front ones rest a little lower to weigh down the fabric- then the air really fills up and creates this huge bubble. afterwards they rise back up into the ceiling and the piece essentially starts all over again.

    wouldn’t it be great to try a max/msp installation if we got a hold of lots of these motors and were able to drive them w/max/msp? could be some interactive element or it could just be more complex….like imagine the room w/all the different motor motion going on….what if each of them were slowly changing their motion in different speeds of their processes….eh?

  4. yeah- i missed that one. working with different changing speeds of motors could be really cool. we could try and get money from the ga to put on a new installation thing this year, or next. i’m realizing how expensive this stuff gets pretty quickly. a bit annoying.

  5. i thought these little motor-like things are cheap? a couple years ago someone at mills put on a great msx/msp installation w/these things, you’d probably get a lot of info if you talk/email les stuck about this….and yeah, i’m definitely down for something like this when i get back!

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