crafts weekend

my wall

realizing that i’ve had bare white walls for too long, and that theres no chance of affording a video projector in the near future, i decided to make this weekend crafts weekend. What kind of decorations could i do that were non-permanent and yet not too cheap looking. After seeing a handful of murals put up around paris with some type of sticker-like material- after a while they’d just start peeling off- i thought that electrical tape could be a good medium to work with. Though not nearly as interesting as a big mural of michael landon (there was one above “cafe cherie”, just down the block from me), i thought i’d start w/some simple idea of bands of tape on one side turning into more unique x’acto’d slivers of tape on the other.

If anyone might know of an artist that has done similar types of paintings, let me know. I searched but couldn’t find any…as for what kind of representations it evokes, any other ideas besides vines or a tree? not sure if you can find it, but theres one little spot that looks like a face of a guy wearing shades…

stay tuned for the next project for my other big wall- involving metal wire and paper mache.


3 thoughts on “crafts weekend

  1. which wall is it on? i like the way it seems as if the tips have exploded open and released something new which is growing out of them.

  2. thanks! it was totally easy too, and when i pull the tape away i don’t think i’ll get much sticky residue, as electrical tape doesn’t have as much as other tapes like duct or masking….hey, does the photo load completely for you? for some reason its not working correctly at the moment.. oh, and watch out for new posts on bergman films- just saw persona and it blew my ass off

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