bergman kick

bergman, persona

after news of bergman’s recent death i realized that i really ought to see some of these films. I started off w/the seventh seal, being arguably his most famous. To be honest, i don’t really see what all the fuss is about..

It was the film “persona” of 1968 that really blew me away. I highly recommend this film, its so perfectly done.
Last night i watched “the passion of anna”. These two last films and, i imagine “silence” which i’ll see soon, all rest under his psychological cinema term, which he apparently invented. Though i don’t know the exact influence, its clear that this has been incredibly influential on contemporary filmakers.

Some of the aspects i really appreciate are how he continues to work w/the same actors, people he clearly has made a real connection with, and they believe in what he is doing, creating a space for creating art divorced of commercial interests- or at least not of primary importance. He’s also incredibly gifted at timing, thats just clear- its such a joy to feel in sync with the pacing of a film.

I think his films are going to give me a way into some other films that i’ve had more trouble with, such as antonioni’s avventura.

by the way, does anybody know which greek/roman goddess it is that keep appearing as mainly a statue in his films?


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