position, influence


Although i have so far tried to keep my posts from being self-promotional, i feel an excuse is in order for my 2-month hiatus in blogging- i’ve been working awfully hard for my piece for voice and electronics these past months, titled “position, influence” -and it’ll be performed saturday october 6th, at IRCAM. I hope to post a video as well as a recording soon after so that any of you that are interested might take a look.

And for any of you that happen to be in Paris, do consider coming to the concert, it looks like it’ll be rather good.


2 thoughts on “position, influence

  1. Dude – promote yourself! That’s half the point of a blog, after all!

    Wish I could be there to hear the fruition of your hard work. Are you ever coming home?!

    Be well man.

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