catching up


not many interesting things this time, i suppose the next post will be about something artistic that has really impressed me. For now though i’ll simply update for those who are interested in my day-to-day.

Had a performance of “inferno” by ens itineraire last saturday, and it went very well. Maybe when i get the file i’ll post it in case anyones curious as to how varied the results are depending on each ensembles interpretation. There are certain sections that are rather flexible, purposefully vague, or overly espressive in nature, resulting in some unique results each time around.

I’m making headway w/my second project for ircam. In fact, it will be part of a jacques villegle exposition at the pompidou center. There will be a concert w/Pierre Henry (present), as well as Schaeffer, both of whom collaborated w/Villegle. Lots to do, but the performances aren’t til october.

Things are wrapping up at ircam now, and i’ll be in new jersey and chicago over the holidays.


One thought on “catching up

  1. Hello, I am writing my dissertation on décollage and I came across this Villegle image you use. Do you happen to know the title and date of this work or any other information about it? It would really be helpful to me. Thanks.

    Sami Siegelbaum

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