spark festival, 68, the coming months

position, influence at spark- soprano: Carrie Henneman Shaw

To catch up everyone who might be interested, I returned 2 weeks ago from the Spark festival in Minneapolis. It was a very interesting experience, putting on a piece produced with all the resources of IRCAM all by myself. Of course “all by myself” wasn’t possible and I owe thanks to a long list of very amazing people who helped it happen. All in all I must work harder though, as the result was not good enough.

Just had rehearsals for the new piece, “68”. Its going to work, and very well. I have the best ensemble I can imagine for the piece, which combines theatre with music in a very seamless way. Theres too much to say about, so I’ll wait until its done. There is much work left to do.

The coming months will consist of big changes. I’ll return to new jersey in june, and then back to berkeley in july. I return to my phD and teaching in august at UC-Berkeley. The department will be different and so will I.


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