october, end

logo, world music days/ISCM 


logo, world music days/ISCM



Vilnius, Lithuania is pulling off an amazing feat, and its still going on, until November 8th! This is the first international festival in the baltics, and it is truly a large event. These ‘international events’ are very problematic, perplexing, and purposefully-so. It is extremely difficult to compare such different pieces programmed right next to each other. The best one can hope for is that this is useful for others. Personally I felt that the ‘procession’ concert that I was a part of was extremely unique and exciting, but the festival deserves better credit for the other concerts, including the symphony orchestra, and bringing in guest ensembles such as Ens. Modern, Conjunto Iberico, and Percussion Strasbourg

Once again, enormous thanks to three wonderful musicians that I had the pleasure of working with, despite for just one day! Soprano/Composer Rita Maciliunaite, Trumpetist Laurynas Lape, and flutist Andrius Radziukynas. With the given circumstances (a very late night performance!) they did an incredible job. 

Also thanks to the US embassy for making the trip possible. And thanks to the music academy for having me as their guest. I had a wonderful time speaking with the composers there. Thanks for such enthusiasm. I hope that I might have a chance to come back to lithuania, there is a great energy there and many great musicians.


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