vocaallab nederlands, gaudeamus

Old windmills in Zaandam
Old windmills in Zaandam

I’m in a small town called Zaandam, just outside of Amsterdam, in residence and rehearsing a piece with a wonderful ensemble/organization called vocaallab nederlands. The piece is ‘position, influence’ for soprano and electronics. It was first performed by Donatienne Michel-Dansac and now Jennifer Van Der Hart is performing, and doing a phenomenal job.

The center for Vocaallab is a wonderful house and adjoining church. Vocalists and composers pass through and are constantly rehearsing new projects, as well as socializing and eating together.

The performance will be part of the Gaudeamus Music Week, on Tuesday. If anyone is around, do let me know. More info and documentation to follow.

To update quickly, this past summer I’ve done my first installation in Grass Valley, as part of the 6th Poto Festival. It involved two walls of hanging metal sheets (turned into speakers with transducers) and light bulbs, suspended by wires, with a fabric roof. Video projection on one side done by Marcia Scott, Heather Gordon and Michael Newton. There was an industrial fan creating turbulence inside the corridor, causing everything to shake a bit, and the public was able to walk behind the sheets and bend them, changing their timbre. It was a wonderful experience. Soon as I gather materials, I’ll post some documentation- though I plan on doing it again soon in the bay area.

Also, I wrote a new piece for recorder, accordion and percussion, soon to be performed at Berkeley. Performers will be Tosiya Suzuki, Stefan Hussong, and Kuniko Kato.

In addition, I’m living in a new warehouse space in Emeryville. I hope to soon have information about concerts and projects there.


One thought on “vocaallab nederlands, gaudeamus

  1. I saw the VocaalLAB’s concert at the Gaudeamus Festival, and I can say that your piece was the best new music performance I’ve seen since Champ d’Action’s rendering of Luigi Nono at the 2006 Holland Festival. There are few pieces that are so serious and so funny at once, and the contrast of frail-but-fierce Jennifer van der Hart and the thundering metal plates only adds to the hair-raising effect.
    Do you have a mailing list? i’d love to stay informed about your future projects.

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