theatre fantastique

I’m afraid that I’ve fallen behind with my artistic ruminations, updates, and posts. Just a quick note to say that I will soon post some recent works, including a large ensemble work performed here in Berkeley in April as well as some earlier documentation of collaborations that took place with the Performance Studies Dept. here in Berkeley.

I will be in NYC and Tel Aviv and Amsterdam this summer for various projects. Returning to Berkeley for Max/MSP Summer Workshops at CNMAT.

This coming fall there are a few collaborations in the works with artists and a choreographer. I’m teaching one last course at UCBerkeley (before dissertation is filed!). I have been selected along with composer Mark Ackerley and Joe Lin as the ‘Under Construction’ Composers in Residence with the Berkeley Symphony. This project, beyond everything else, is how I will be spending my time and energy.

I hope soon to write about yet another fantastic performance by a Russian theatre troupe at the SF international Arts Festival . Their name is Derevo. I’m told they are very influential for AKHE Group (who I saw and wrote about last year). It was extremely encouraging, not least because of the music. More on that soon hopefully. Heres the best link for their work I can find, titled Harlekin.

theatre troupe, St Petersburg, Russia


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