Water City, Berkeley.

Last weekend marked another significant step in the ‘Water City, Berkeley’ project. This is a collaboration led by artist/filmmaker Kim Anno, involving choreographer KT Nelson (of ODC Dance), and myself, among others. After a summer of film shoots at different locations in the Bay Area, a preliminary version for two-channel video and Clarinet and Cello was premiered at the gallery space in Oakland, Some Thing Spacious. I owe a debt of gratitude to Adam Carlin and Erich Richter for their priceless support and assistance.

This project will culminate with a recording/DVD and performance at the Kala Institute in Berkeley on Dec. 7th.

This project has been an exciting challenge, both because of the sheer scale and the many logistical issues. I am deeply excited to be working with amateur musicians from Berkeley High School. We have made wonderful progress, and I’m looking forward to adding the sfSound ensemble for the final version (Matt Ingalls, cl; Monica Scott, vc; John Ingle, sax).

Here is the information about the project from Kim:



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