As stated on its website, “Poto is an arts organization, directed by Erik Ulman and Marcia Scott, that for ten years has been gathering artists in diverse media for collaboration, conversation, and the dissemination of their work and ideas.” This group has been central to the way in which my work has maintained a multifaceted approach in both collaborative endeavors and individual pieces.

Ice On the High

Ice on the High is an artist collective with an evolving interdisciplinary series by Kim Anno, David Coll, and Ricardo Rivera. Our backgrounds in art, sound, and technology combine to create interactive environments where human presence has impact and consequences. Through our collaborations with musicians and artists of diverse backgrounds, Ice on the High events are site and artist specific, taking into account at all turns the ecological and cultural sustainability issues that put art in dialogue with our environment. Ice on the High has invited artists both local and coming from abroad. Venues include the Berkeley Art Center, the Pacific Basin Building, the Milkbar in Oakland (2011), the Asian Art Museum (2012) and the KALA Institute (2013).

Obstacle In Obstacle

Obstacle In Obstacle is a group consisting of musicians and artists who are dedicated to exploring the space between concert music and interactive installation art. Technology and multimedia are central to the way that lines are blurred between these practices. The result is a multidisciplinary project that is simple and direct in its communication, yet conceptually rich and poetic. The members are: Erich Richter and Adam Carlin, artists; Aaron Gervais and David Coll, composers/electronic musicians; Kristina Dutton, violin/musical coordinator.
Their first show, Construction, took place at the Opening Event of the Music & Words Festival (Davis, CA) in January 2015. Website
Earlier Example:
Interactive installation consisting of sonified resonant objects (sheet metal) and speaker (myself). Collaboration with artist Erich Richter, who not only projected excerpts of his ‘Book of Sand’ (from which my recitations were based), but also realized the wall mounts for the metal sheets. The metal sheets are the sole sound source, acting as the cone of a speaker (transducers attached in rear of each sheet). Visitors were free to bend the metal sheets, thereby changing the quality of the sound.