With Electronics

Hazardous Materials I (2016) 10 min.

for percussion trio and electronics (sound and optional lighting). Premiere: Canopy. Austin, Texas. Jan. 28, 2016

Inventions on Relevance and Propaganda (2013) 20 min.

for cello, percussion, sound sculpture and electronics (sound, video/image, and light). Premiere: Milano Musica Festival, by Ensemble RepertorioZero. Piccolo Teatro, Milan. Nov. 4, 2013

68 (2008) 25 min.

for actor/baritone, cello, percussion and electronics (sound, video/image, and light). Texts: Isidore Isou and Guy Debord. Images by myself and Jacques Villeglé. Premiere: Grand Salle, Georges Pompidou Center (as part of the Jacques Villéglé Retrospective Exhibit) Paris. Oct. 1 and 2, 2008

Position, influence (2007) 8 min.

for soprano and sound sculpture. Texts by myself and Charles DeGaulle. Premiere: Éspace de Projection, IRCAM, Paris. Oct. 6, 2007

this/this/this (2007) 5 min.

for tenor saxophone and electronics. Alexandre Souillart, saxophone. Premiere: Studio One, IRCAM, Paris. March 9, 2007


Act, for small orchestra (2010-2011) 5 min.

for small orchestra. Readings: Berkeley Symphony, Joana Carneiro, cond. January 16th, 2011 and March 13, 2011

Large Ensemble

 Act (2010/2014 revision) 16 min.

for soprano and 12 players. Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players. David Milnes, cond. Hertz Hall.  April 4, 2010. Premiere of revision: Illinois Modern Ensemble. Urbana, IL, September 24, 2014

without (“…and dropped land into the bottom as it left rocks and kame when it pulled back…”) (2006) 11 min.

for four amplified trios. Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players. David Milnes, cond. Hertz Hall. April 3, 2006

widows’ walk (2002) 15 min.

for eleven players. Premiere: University of Illinois New Music Ensemble. Bill Brooks, cond. Smith Memorial Hall. Urbana, Illinois. December 5, 2002

Small Ensemble

Please Me, Place Me (2017) 9 min.

for soprano and string quartet. Premiere: Tony Arnold, sop. and Third Angle String Quartet. Portland, OR. October 21st, 2017

Ghost Dances (2016) 6 min.

for alto fute, english horn, two guitars, violin, and cello. Premiere: Left Coast Ensemble. The Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA. February 4th, 2017

Caldera (2016) 8 min.

for bass clarinet and marimba. Premiere: Advent Library Concert Series. Boston, MA. February 19, 2016

Ask (2016) 9 min.

for two vocalizing soprano saxophonists. Premiere: Ogni Suono Saxophone duo. Culver  Center of the Arts. Riverside, California. February 10, 2016

Black Piet (2012) 9 min.

for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. Premiere: The Art of Migration Festival. Mondavi Center, Davis, California. Empyrean Ensemble. February 1, 2013

Said What Choice Spoken (2012/2016 revision) 7 min.

for flute, percussion, and piano. Premiere: Krannert Center, Urbana, Illinois. Illinois Modern Ensemble. October 19, 2012. Premiere of revision: International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). Macalester College. Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, St Paul, MN. February 24, 2016

Dérive  b (2011) 9 min.

for bass clarinet, cello, and optional electronic sound sculpture. Premiere: Eco Ensemble. Matt Ingalls, Leighton Fong, and myself.  February 6, 2011

Dérive (2010) 5 min.

for bass clarinet and cello. Premiere: Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Israel. Ensemble Praesenz, Richard Haynes and Jan-Filip Tupa. July 3, 2010

Untitled II (2009) 4 min.

for clarinet, violin and piano. Premiere: Ensemble SfSound. San Francisco Conservatory of Music. January 23, 2010

Muthologos (2008) 8 min.

for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello. Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players. David Milnes, cond. Hertz Hall November 24, 2008

Untitled I (2007) 9 min.

for prepared piano and harpsichord. Ensemble Keynote+, Kate Ryder and Jane Chapman. Premiere: CNMAT, Berkeley. April 18, 2007

1956-1958 (2007) 19 min.

for violin, cello, and percussion. Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players. Hertz Hall. April 2, 2007

Artaud- last days (2006) 9 min.

for actor and narrator/trumpet. Premiere: Myself, actor, and David Bithell. Morrison Hall, Berkeley. May 2, 2006

recitative (2005) 6 min.

for two sopranos, bassoon, and piano. Text by Margaret Ronda. Premiere: CNMAT. May 14, 2005

… t_ ho_d th_ fu_ure unt__ _he _uture _ade ba_k to th_ spot… (2005) 9 min.

for piccolo, cello, and piano, amplified. Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players. David Milnes, cond. Hertz Hall. April 5, 2005

sum/former/instance (2005) 9 min.

for three voice, oboe, french horn, amplified. Premiere: Ensemble ‘Les Jeunes Solistes,’ Rachid Safir, cond. Fondation Royaumont, France. October 3, 2004

on/to/with… (2004) 9 min.

for amplified Pierrot ensemble (plus percussion, minus voice). Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. David Milnes, cond. International House, Berkeley. April 4, 2004

inferno (2002/2005 revision) 9 min.

for soprano, flute, and trumpet. Premiere: Smith Memorial Hall. Urbana, Illinois. November 22, 2002


Symbols (2014) 7 min.

for solo piano. Premiere: Sowon Hwang, piano. Hanyang University. Seoul, South Korea. November 20, 2014

focus…shift…regions (2003) 7 min.

for solo piano. Karen Rosenak. Premiere: Berkeley New Music Project. International House, Berkeley. December 2, 2003

american country tunes (2002) 3 min.

for solo piano. Kris Becker. Premiere: Smith Memorial Room. Urbana, Illinois. December 1, 2002


Upshot/Recoil (2015) Indefinite duration.

an interactive installation in a Shipping Container. Premiere: California College of the Arts. Part of AICAD 2015 (the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design). San Francisco, California. November 6-8, 2015

Speaking Metals III (2013) Indefinite duration.

for resonating metal sheets. Premiere: Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (‘Music Night’). August 16, 2013

Sublingual (2013) Indefinite duration.

for resonating metal sheets, light, sensors, image projection and performer. Collaboration with Erich Richter. Premiere: Some Thing Spacious Gallery, Oakland, California. June 7, 2013

Water Mark (2010) Indefinite duration.

for resonating piano, metal sheets, and image projection . Collaboration with Kim Anno and Ricardo Rivera, video artists. Premiere: Berkeley Art Center. October 9, 2010

Speaking Metals II (2009) 20 min.

for resonating metal sheets and light bulbs. Additional video projection by Marcia Scott and Heather Gordon. Premiere: Ice on the High Art Exhibit. Pacific Basin Building, Berkeley. December 3, 2009

 Speaking Metals I (2009) 20 min.

for resonating metal sheets, light bulbs, industrial fan and lightweight fabric. Additional video projection by Marcia Scott and Heather Gordon. Premiere: Poto Festival, Grass Valley, California. July 8, 2009

Works for Dance

 Noisense (2010) 40 min.

for four dancers, extensive multimedia and sound technology. Collaboration with Ashley Ferro-Murray, choreographer, and Rama Gottfried, composer/artist. Premiere: Studio 7, Zellerbach Performing Arts Center. October 28, 2010

Music for ‘MinEvent’ (2009) by Merce Cunningham 15 min.

for three racks of resonating metal sheets. Premiere: Berkeley Dance Project. Patricia Lent, dir. Zellerbach Playhouse, Berkeley. April 17, 2009

Works for Theatre

Music for ‘Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters’ (2009) by Gertrude Stein. (25 minutes)

for stereo playback and singing actors. Premiere: ‘Silences and Salutations: Seven One- Act Plays. Marc Boucai, dir. Durham Theatre, Berkeley. November 8, 2009

Stanza in Meditation (2009) 6 min.

for singer/actor with stage props and electronics. Text by Gertrude Stein. Premiere: Philipp Blume. Smith Memorial Hall, Urbana, Illinois. January 30, 2009

Works for Film

Music for ‘Water City, Berkeley’ (2013) by Kim Anno. 20 min.

for clarinet, cello, and electronics. Premiere: Some Thing Spacious Gallery. Oakland. October 5, 2013

Music for ‘Water City, Berkeley’ (2013) by Kim Anno. 20 min.

for clarinet, cello, saxophone, student ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, and cello) and electronics. Premiere: Kala Art Institute. Berkeley. December 7, 2013